These six men are literally some of the most important people in my life. They have shaped me into what I am today, for the better. I see the world as a better place thanks to them. They’re the reasons why I get up in the morning and say “I can do it.” They’re the reasons why I find joy over the smallest things. They make me so happy, and I love them all so much. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to make such great friends that love them just as much as I do.

Let’s safely make it to 10,000 days! Happy 1,000 days to B.A.P, and of course, to us BABYZ!

Are you usually cool with the negative comments online. Or are you timid?

memorable matches [1/?] ⇝ Manchester United 4-0 AC Milan  (10.03.2010)

Rooney 13’, 46’, Park Ji-Sung 59’, D. Fletcher 88’.

KPOP male rappers: with hella deep voices (part 1)


dark and lovely teresa kavumpuram

Thank you Captain.

These gospel singers

Onew + Eyewear
( cr: sweetcandy // snowflake // capa // noreason // splendid // orangesprite )

Leader N who is proud of his skin color 

the struggles of Tony Jones

so i can receive a love that’s better than yours,
and different than yours


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[KIDOH] Who am i on French date with?


[KIDOH] On a date with Bangtan’s Jin after a long time 


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