The School Life: The Football Version

My 1000th post, I wanted to do something special. I hope you enjoy it and it leaves a smile on your face =) 

Waking up in the morning on a Monday

Dreaming about my footballer baby, I’m about to kiss him ….the bloody alarm wakes me up. 

My mood in the morning

I’m sleeping in the car/in the bus/in the metro and someone wakes me up

You dress up for the day and people notice you 

Seeing people I hate first thing in the morning

Seeing my crush first thing in the morning

Teacher was supposed to be absent and he/she came instead. 

Teacher is absent

Teacher gets pregnant and will be on maternity leave

Did my homework but I forgot to bring it 

Getting praised by your teacher 

Texting during class and getting caught by the teacher 

My teacher scolding me and saying I was talking but in fact, I hadn’t done one shit. 

Listening to my teacher’s long lecture when I make a mistake and he/she starts scolding me

When your friend tries go all nerdy and starts studying, you distract them. 

When the people I hate get detention 

When my name gets mentioned by someone. 


When there’s no long line in the canteen and you don’t have to wait 

When school ends

When I pass the year! 

When summer/year end break arrives

This is my 2nd GIF compilation. Click here for my 1st compilation, Exams:The Football Version

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